The British Institute franchise model is based on a traditional franchising approach, where The British Institute provides complete know how of all its operating model, teaching methodology, study material, technical expertise, marketing systems, training systems and management methods to the franchisee. It involves the total way of doing business that has been developed by The British Institute over the years.

The human evolution is in itself a learning process. The knowledge gained by mankind has been through a learning cycle comprising of TRIAL-ERROR-LEARN-TRIAL-ERROR. The British Institutes as a franchisor has already gone through the learning cycle and has an evolved a winning formula to run the teaching business. As a franchise of The British Institutes, you save a lot of time and resources to evolve a successful business model. So by investing in a franchise, you drastically reduce the chances of failure and save valuable time and resources. Statistics also reveal that the failure rate in franchise business ventures is quite low as compared to individual start-ups.


Established Brand Name

Consumers today are quality conscious and hence prefer established brands. In education services career-conscious students always opt for recognized and established institutes rather than new entrants. The British Institutes would provide your business the much-needed Brand Iimage. This brand image provides the necessary launch pad for taking your business to new heights. The British Institute has established itself as a highly reputed and esteemed organization, imparting quality education in Language skillsand Computers to students. The Credibility & Track Record of The British Institutes is the best as compared to any other educational institution in the industry. By becoming a franchise, you will become a part of our mission to deliver quality education at a reasonable cost.

Special BBC Audio-Video Aids

Special audio-video programs help students identify their problems in pronunciation and overcome them.



Operation Model

All the courses conducted at the franchise center would be exactly same as those conducted by The British Institutes at Mumbai. This includes mode of delivery, infrastructure, lecture presentation, audio-video courseware and student courseware.

Teaching Methodology

In the field of language training, one of the important factors is teaching methodology. As an independent business, you will be required to spend a lot of time and resources on developing and improving an effective teaching methodology. But as a franchise of The British Institutes, you will have access to our teaching methodology designed by The British Institutes and its team; it involves the use of audio-visual teaching aids. The students are taught with the help of video and software. These programs are designed in such a way, that they explain even the most complicated concepts of language (Grammar, Conversation, Accent….etc.) through effective animation and examples.
The success rate of students at The British Institutes is a testimonial to this.



Efficient and Effective Management

The key to success for any business is efficient & effective management. Any business needs proper management & experience to run profitably and efficiently, with our vast experience of successfully handling educational institutes, we provide franchisees the management know-how and trade secrets to successfully run an educational institute.

Continious faculty training and development

The success of any educational institute largely depends on the quality of the teaching faculty. It is the teacher that moulds the student into a successful professional. In India, we have strong tradition of Guru-shishya. Keeping with the spirit of this concept, we strongly emphasize in having the best teaching brains in our organization. We have a continual program for faculty training and development. It is our commitment to provide you with the best training facilities in terms of manpower and resources.



Exclusive Study Material by Oxford University Press

The success of bestsellers like The British Institutes lies in its courseware. Understanding requirements of the learners, The British Institute has developed an easy-to-use study material, making the learning process simplified. As a franchise, you will have access to this top quality course content designed through years of R&D by our content development cell which is personally headed by. This study material is specifically designed to prepare students meet the current needs of Conversation skills and computer skills. The course material for each course is original content, developed and prepared by The British Institutes. Each course has customized content relevant to the needs of the students of that particular course. The content is also constantly modified and kept up-to-date according to changing trends in communication.


We maintain 100% Transparency with Clients & our Partners (Franchise holders)




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